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 : Nature & Sea
  White, gray and red, Istria is a land whose diversity is almost unique in the Mediterranean. This heart-shaped piece of land deeply immersed into the blue waters of the Adriatic, is a secluded garden of nature and extraordinary beauty.
 A look from above reveals this special Istrian palette:
- in the north, the undulating peninsula mildly comes down to the sea with its white calcareous hills, in its center it reveals its grey plateaus rich in water;
 -on the southwest its low-lying valley flames in the heat of its characteristic red soil. Istrian landscapes are unique. Look at its coast: west and south fi lled with indented shapes, numerous islands and islets gentle bays, mild coves covered with pebbles and natural ports freshened by landward breeze, exuding a genuine Mediterranean charm
-on the other hand, the east, with fragrance of sage that embraces the naked coasts of the steep cliffs, calls for north-eastern wind and the Kvarner Bay.
  The climate here is as unique as its flora. Everywhere you look the Mediterranean melts with the mainland. Northern woods of oaks and beeches cast their shades, cultivating the underground treasure - the truffl e. Towards west and south, they slowly give way to fragrant pines and the Mediterranean macchia (dense evergreen shrubs). And hardworking peasants have further enhanced it with thousand-year-old olive-trees and wine grapes. It is a beautiful land, Istria.

 So, do not hesitate - enter this hidden garden of nature and meet its wonderful, intact landscape. As your lungs fi ll with sharp scents of the aromatic plants or sleepy stone pines and sweet Spanish broom, you will become aware of the perfect harmony of the Mediterranean and middle Europe.

  The Istrian Peninsula has managed to preserve true and original natural values. The protection of such natural treasures, passed on from generation to generation, has also become an unwritten rule for today’s new generations - to preserve the unspoilt, sun soaked hills, highlighted with flourishing Mediterranean greenery, forests shading the Adriatic sea …

  From the distant past Istrian people have benefited from and preserved the great natural wealth of Istria. Hard work and efforts have yielded the recognizable quality of olive oil, grapes from which top quality wine is produced, health food sprouting from the natural and unpolluted soil.

Mild Mediterranean climate with 2,387 hours of sunshine a year, sea temperature reaching 25°C and average air temperature of 25°C in summer, are all reasons why Istria justly claims the title of an ecological and healthy tourist destination.

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